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HDY Special Hydraulic Press for Multi-station Water Separator

HDY Special Hydraulic Press for Multi-station Water Separator

Field of application
Optional parts
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The structure of three beams and four columns (or frame) is simple, economical and practical by computer aided optimization design. The multi cylinder structure can be designed according to the need of working face pressure.
The cartridge valve integrated system is adopted in the hydraulic control system, which has the advantages of reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic impact, and reduced connection pipeline and leakage point.
Independent electrical system, controlled by PLC computer, special action requirements can be programmed according to customer needs.
Work pressure, pressing speed, fast downward and slow travel range can be adjusted according to the process needs, and there are many ways to choose ejection process, no ejection process.

It is suitable for all kinds of water distributors and three way fittings.

Optical curtain safety protection device
Oil temperature cooling device
Displacement and pressure sensors
Note: 1. The above technical parameters and pictures are for reference only. The specific data are based on factory samples.
2, in order to constantly meet customer needs, products are constantly updated, parameter changes without notice.
3, all parameters can be customized according to requirements.
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