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 Hydraulic Machinery Ruian Huade Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a rapid development in scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the professional manufacturing company. China and Germany at the company's efforts to fight, through constant innovation, the introduction of professionals, so that in the fierce market competition and the rapid development of stand up. We remain committed to "the quality of products is our duty to do, and the development of a total of customers is our goal, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" the purpose of the enthusiasm at home and abroad for the majority of the new and old customers.
The company now produces 5 tons -4000 tons of a total of 8 series, more than 100 species of all types of single-column hydraulic press, the four-post hydraulic press, hydraulic press framework, horizontal hydraulic press, and so on. Products applicable to many industries, such as: aviation, space, equipped with Auto, ships, mechanical and electrical light, daily-use hardware, molding powder metallurgy products, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, rubber resin and so on. All along, we have to exquisite design and reasonable price, good quality and efficient after-sales service and technical support at home and abroad have been new and old customers in the affirmative, a number of best-selling domestic provinces and cities, and some foreign exports.
We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to guide our company visits, technical cooperation and exchanges. Hope that through exchanges, we will be your final choice! Be able to work with you is our pleasure! In the new century, look forward to working with you to create brilliant. Look forward to your visit!



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 2020  Ruian Huade Hydraulic Machinery CO.,Ltd.   

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