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Structure and performance of small hydraulic press

Structure and performance of small hydraulic press

2017/12/24 19:24

Small hydraulic press is mainly divided into four column type, single column type (C type), double column type, horizontal type, vertical frame and so on. According to the driving mode, the small hydraulic press is divided into pneumatic, hydraulic and electric, etc., from manual to automatic, and from style to table and floor type (15 tons to 100 tons). In performance, the imported hot press and domestic hot press have a great difference in the following aspects.

1. temperature control. The home-made temperature control is unstable, and some electronic components are easily leaking. The imported hot press steel plate is insulated and insulated, the temperature stability is between 1~1.5 degrees, the heating is faster, and the circuit protection is very safe.

2. technical stability. The imported hot press is higher than the domestic hot press. The simplicity of machine can reduce the occurrence of errors. The simpler the machine assembly, the less possibility of error. Therefore, the reduction of machine parts greatly improves the machine's technical stability. 3. cleaning effect. The effect of the imported hot press is better than that of the domestic hot press.

4., imported compressor products lose less, because the structure of the punching table is very simple, there is no thread and horizontal drilling, and there is no deviation between the die hole and the disk surface, so it can reduce the loss of products at a large ratio.

5. the imported press equipment is less worn and easy to maintain.