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The bending machine and will promote the innovation of insurance consumption as a skill point mission

The bending machine and will promote the innovation of insurance consumption as a skill point mission

2017/12/24 19:23

Now the tool utilization rate is increasing, but the vast majority of all international knives are general tools, tool of this kind are insurance small, low consumption frequency fine defect, this requires a AMADA tool to control our tricks of stagnation stagnation. After the numerical control innovation of general cutting tools, the machining frequency of cutting tools and the level of initiative and intelligence can be greatly improved. It increased the ability of operator to contact with risk position; operation fragmentation and operation interface were more and more consistent with the request of ergonomics, bending machine could effectively reduce the error rate of the operator, and narrow down the error caused by mistake. After the numerical control innovation of the tool, the loss of the insurance function is obviously improved and the rate of the incident is obviously increased, which will bring great insurance benefits. Reduce the tool of profit, increase the processing frequency of AMADA CNC tool innovation compared with the acquisition of new tools, especially the heavy bending machine, special tool particularly obviously. The normal heavy tool innovation, as long as the new tool repairing cost 1/3. Simultaneous is wasting the profits, the NC innovation can also save heavily due to restoration and echoing power consumption and emissions purification.

According to the previous innovation experience, the tool frequency is obviously improved after the NC innovation of the tool. Originally a tool needs a collective master, after innovation, workers can manipulate two cutters at one time. In the same voice, the precision of the cutting tool has been greatly improved after the innovation, and the rate of finished products made by artificial error is obviously higher. Meanwhile, increase the labor intensity of the workers, the labor saving energy, extend the new goods made cycle and consumption cycle, bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise. From the overseas experience, it is the most invalidable method for the numerical control tool to be used again. Is the use of CNC tool to cultivate the skills renovation combined with skills of innovation, innovation and new conservative property stagnation combined property, general point and one-sided promotion combination, bending machine and will promote the innovation of insurance consumption as a skill point mission. Is China, then build a field called just rise, the market is huge.